Why Was Meatloaf So Popular in the 1950s?

What Can You Use to Soak up Extra Grease Under Meatloaf?

Excess grease must be managed while making a yummy meatloaf to achieve the desired texture and flavor. Here are five efficient methods for dealing with excess grease and keeping your meatloaf juicy without being overly greasy.

1. Bread Slices:

Before baking, place a few slices of bread under the meatloaf in the baking dish. The bread will absorb the extra grease as the meatloaf bakes. To avoid the bread being too soggy, briefly toast it before inserting it into the dish.

2. Parchment Paper:

Cover the bottom of baking dish with parchment paper. This will keep the meatloaf from soaking directly in its own fat. The paper absorbs excess fat and is easily removed after cooking.

3. Veggies:

To enhance the meatloaf, serve it on a layer of veggies such as carrots, onions, or celery. Not only do these vegetables offer flavor, but they also absorb extra grease. When your meatloaf is done, you may either toss the vegetables or serve them with it.

4. Wire Rack:

Place the meatloaf on top of a wire rack in the baking dish. The rack raises the meatloaf, allowing the grease to drain to the bottom of the dish and leave the meatloaf reasonably moist and grease-free.

5. Potatoes:

Arrange potato slices under the meatloaf. They not just absorb excess grease, but they also offer a pleasant flavor. The potatoes will soak up the grease as the meatloaf cooks, producing a wonderful side dish to match your main.

Experiment with these methods to find the one that best suits your preferences and tastes. Managing excess grease under your meatloaf can boost your culinary masterpiece, whether you choose the simplicity of bread pieces or the added flavors of vegetables or potatoes.

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